Personalized furniture
in just a few clicks

Make a difference with locally-made furniture that supports your community.

What would you like custom-made ?

Visualize your perfect space with
Augmented Reality

With our easy-to-use augmented reality tool, you can visualize how a piece of furniture will look in your space with just a few clicks. Our technology gives you the confidence to make the right purchase every time.

No apps, no downloads.

Okay so How does it work ?

Step 1: Create Your Dream Furniture

First things first, let your creativity shine! You can either use our awesome 3D configurator to customize your furniture exactly the way you want it or simply pick a ready-made product from our shop. The choice is all yours!

Step 2: We Make It Happen Locally

Once you've designed your dream furniture, we'll take care of the rest. Based on your location, we'll send your order to the nearest partner manufacturer. These talented folks will bring your unique creation to life with their expert craftsmanship.

Step 3: Personal Touch and Confirmation

Now comes the exciting part! The partner workshop near you will get in touch with you personally to confirm your order. They'll double-check all the details and make sure everything is perfect. We want to ensure your satisfaction every step of the way!

Step 4: Sit Back and Relax

With your order confirmed, all that's left to do is sit back, relax, and eagerly await your new customized furniture! The partner workshop will also arrange for a smooth delivery, making sure your creation reaches you safe and sound.

Connecting the world
through technology.

By partnering with local manufacturers across MENA, and equipping them with the right technology, we’re able to bring high-quality products and services to every corner of the region faster and more efficiently than any other furniture brand out there.

100% Custom

Experience a worry-free, easy and 100% online process from start to finish

Modern & Digital

As a modern and digital-first brand, we pride ourselves on delivering seamless and convenient experiences to our customers and partners.

Always Local

We are proud to be a company thats committed to supporting and serving local communities everywhere.

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