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Birdhouce Products

All Birdhouce products are made using high quality 18mm laminated MDF. The MDF is scratch resistant that’s purposely made to live through years of use in close contact with any books or decorations.

We only use the best quality accessories possible to make sure our products last for many years to come. Our easy-to-use joint-system, hinges and handles are all imported from Germany.

We currently have 4 solid colors and 1 wood laminate to choose from.

Given the MDF panels we use come in large sheets that are then cut down to customer orders we are limited by the longest side of the panel which is 250cm. This means any products that require more than 250cm in width will have a visible seam when seen up-close.

With sustainability in mind and given the quality of the material we use, Birdhouce products are purposely built to last for a very long time. This means that they will not show any visible signs of degradation, bowing or discoloration for at least 10 years after purchase. We also offer a 2-year guarantee on all our products.

All Birdhouce products use a very unique method of manufacturing and assembly and that’s done on purpose to make sure our products are as strong, durable and long lasting as possible. Every shelf in our products catalog is supported by all 3 sides (left, right and back) which is uncommon in the furniture industry. Since every side is held up by 18mm supports, this guarantees the heaviest objects can be supported without any bowing.

Of course ! We want you to be assured you’re getting a quality product with the exact colors you expect, for that reason, we offer sample packs that are ready for purchase from our website ! Once your order is received, a sample box with our material swatches will be sent to your address with a promo code to use on your next purchase deducting the price you already paid on the samples.


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About us

We pride ourselves by being a tech-driven furniture company that’s utilizing technology for the benefit of the environment. We’ve developed a system that takes every unique customer order and automatically generates production documents that make the work of our manufacturers much easier and more time-efficient. Once your order is confirmed and paid-for, data is collected from your final 3D design and converted to 2D documents that are sent to our partner manufacturer making sure to optimize the manufacturing process as much as possible, this means that our technology makes sure that we use as little energy as possible and produce as little waste as possible with every order. Any left over waste is automatically made into samples for you to order.

Since every piece of furniture is custom, it’s impossible to store furniture ahead of time. Which means we have no storage warehouses.

As with modern brands, we want the main customer experience to be online so we have no physical shop. But as a furniture company we know customers will need to experience our products before making their purchase decision. For that reason, there are 3 ways for customers to experience Birdhouce products without the full commitment.


  1. They can order our sample pack to have a look at what color options we offer, they can also feel the material texture and share the samples with family or friends to get second opinions.
  2. They can go to any of our partner showrooms which will have one of our products in full display ready and fully assembled for customers to experience. 
  3. Make a purchase online, have the product delivered to your home and with our 30-day trial offer, experience Birdhouce products in your home for 30 days or less and if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund.

Our partner showrooms are independent concept stores that showcase our physical products in their shops. Customers are encouraged to visit these concept stores to get the full experience and to physically see our products and interact with them. Our partner showrooms will answer any further questions you have about our brand, concept and prices.

We know sometimes it is difficult to make a purchase online especially when it comes to furniture. For that reason we are offering Birdhouce customers a trial period of 30-days where if you are not satisfied with what you ordered and its still in its great first condition, we will offer to take the furniture back for a full refund.  

Using the Configurator

Using our product configurator is very easy, simply use the parameters you see on the side to slide to your prefered dimensions and your design will update in realtime giving you an exact visual on how your final product will look like.

The Density parameter will determine how compact your design will be; less dense means there will be less dividers but wider gaps, more dense means there will be more dividers with more back panels to assemble.

The Back Panels parameter determines how the back of the product you’re designing will look like. Some people would rather have a lighter, Checkered see-through design that costs less and is placed as a divider rather than a Full back-panel design that covers the whole back and is placed in front of a wall.


Of course ! If you would like to pick up your order directly from our assembly-shop without the need to pay for delivery, make sure to select the “self-pickup” option while making your purchase. Once payment is finalized you will receive an email with your purchase order and self-pick up address.


Of course ! If you would like to pick up your order directly from our assembly-shop without the need to pay for delivery, make sure to select the “self-pickup” option while making your purchase. Once payment is finalized you will receive an email with your purchase order and self-pick up address.

Birdhouce products are purposely designed to be very easy to assemble, no, not like IKEA but even easier. While IKEA requires some tools to assemble, Birdhouce furniture components already have special hardware pre-installed to make assembly as easy as putting toys together.

Because no 2 Birdhouce products are the same, there’s no real way to calculate how long it takes to assemble 1 product. But from data collected from our initial customer surveys, the average assembly time is around 23 minutes.

Absolutely not. All you need is a minimum of 2 people, some energy and 25 minutes of your time and you’re set. As previously mentioned our product components already come with hardware preinstalled for easy assembly, just follow the instruction manual, line up the stickers and snap the joints into place with just a little pressure. Leave the doors for the very end. Once your product is standing upright, simply match the doors with the hinges and snap them into place for a finished product.

Yes we do. While we want our customers to put their furniture themselves, we understand that sometimes you don’t want to worry about assembly and simply want the furniture in your home ready for use. At checkout, make sure to choose “On-site” assembly and we will take care of the assembly for you.


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